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Outstanding Corrective Lenses

Adore is a distinctive collection of cosmetic and corrective contact lenses that is the outcome of a never ending quest for excellence and perfection. With adore lenses, you can wear a new style every day.

Available in 21 magnificent colors divided into 3 exclusive line:
Bi-Tone colors, Tri-Tone colors and Dare tone with Black Ring.

Adore guarantees a prestigious quality, state-of-the-art raw material with exceptional value added properties, optimum safety, maximized comfort for extended wear schedules, easier care, handling & fitting features, advanced color implantation technology and natural eye-color change.

Adore Natural Eye-Color Change

Depth of Field Between Lens Colors & Lens Surface Allowing for a More Natural Appearance. Eliminated Light Reflection, Therefore, Substantially Reducing the Presence of a Cosmetic Color Lens in the Eye.

Transparent Colors Allowing Light Penetration & Lens Color Mixing with Eye Color. Optimum Optical Zone of 5.5 – 6.0 mm Eliminating the possibility of Seeing Lens Color by its’ Wearer.

Adore Technical Features

Collection of 21 magnificient colors
A distinctive collection of cosmetic and beauty contact lenses that is the outcome of a never ending quest for excellence and perfection.

Frequent Replacement Cosmetic Color Contact Lenses

Lathe Cut Quality Color Implantation Technology For up to 3 Months Replacement

Prestigious Quality

Exceptionally Smooth Molded Posterior Surface  High Precision Lathe Cut Anterior Surface State-of-the-Art Lens Edge Cutting & Polishing Technology

Lathe Cut Contact Lenses

Ultra Thin 0.08mm Center Thickness  Lathe Cut Contact Lenses
Superbly   Uniform Lens Material Properties throughout the Lens Surface
Perfectly  Uniform Spherical Properties Throughout an Optimum 9mm Optical Zone

State-of-the-Art Raw Material

Protein Accumulation Resistance Properties  Optimized Corneal Oxygenation  Continual Tear Film Circulation  Improved Fluids Preservation & Minimized Eye Dryness

Exceptional Properties

Substantially Less Contamination &Accumulation of Debris
Easier Care Requirements
Maximized Eye Comfort
Perfect for Extended Usage Schedules

Bi – Tone

This collection lends your eyes a unique sparkle.  The colour is distributed in two different shades, creating an irresistible and dramatic chromatic contrast.  Available in 7 brilliant colours.

Tri – Tone

Now you can change the colour of your eyes with a totally natural look.  Each of the 7 Tri-tone colour options  covers the iris with three different shades, creating stunning and harmonious colour combinations.

Dare – Tone

For captivating, luminous and passionate eyes.. This is the change guaranteed by Dare lensesavailable in 7 suggestive nuances. The unique colouring defines the outline of the iris, accentuating the natural contrast with the brilliance of the cornea

Adore Colours

Your set is now complete with ADORE multipurpose solution. A preservative and disinfectant solution for cleaning & rinsing soft contact lenses