Contact Lenses

Adore is A distinctive collection of cosmetic and corrective contact lenses that is the outcome of a never ending quest for excellence and perfection. Available is 21 magnificent colours divided into 3 exclusive line: Bi-Tone colours, Tri-Tone colours & Dare tones with Black Ring.

United Vision was able to place ADORE contact lenses with the right branding in the all key accounts like doctors clinics, contact lenses centres and all major specialized hospitals in the very first few months. Within five years, ADORE had the power to become the market leader in the high quality and price segment, be a trend seller & with an availability all over Egypt.


Dental Implants

FUTURA makes a very good fitting for both internal and external hexagon and prosthetic devices and allow the use of just a unique surgical kit for all implants kinds. FUTURA is proud to have his customers like guess in his production line to create a transparent friendship intercourse with the dentist to make them able to give in an easy way a good smile to their patients

Adore Solutions

Your set is now complete with ADORE multipurpose solution. A preservative and disinfectant solution for cleaning & rinsing soft contact lenses