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Our Magic Has A Story

Established in 2010

United Vision is a medical devices company specialized in ophthalmic and dental field devices, with an exclusively known brand. Being established in 2010 and throughout these few years, United Vision has managed to achieve competitive advantages by means of significant clients’ base and high-ended products. Having a dedicated team,
United Vision was able to achieve a great reputation in the market and build a very strong relationship with the top market clients and suppliers, which positively affected the company’s overall performance and ranking in market.

United Vision team is inspired by their well-experienced founders who enjoy an extensive experience in ophthalmic and pharmaceuticals through several multi national fields which adds up to rich 15 to 30 years of experience.

Our Mission Has A Vision

Our Limit Is The Sky

We do all our best and use every tool possible to achieve our mission which aims to make our company the market leader in the ophthalmic and dental field. Our aims do not stop here, we also working our way to be the first choice of Hospitals, medical center and doctors’ clinics and increase the loyalty of the consumers to any brand we handle.

United Vision has managed to create a new segment in the market with its pricing strategy within the price-sensitive market that is 100% owned by United Vision. One of the top success factors of United Vision, is its ability to sustain a successful relationship all key clients, by -mainly but not exclusively supporting them with high ended products & services. Having an expert & highly skilled team, allows United Vision to manage its ophthalmic & dental field network including: Contact Lenses Centers, Dental Centers & Clinics, Eye Hospitals and Medical Professionals.

“Integrity and Ethics”
A Motto We Live By


Integrity and ethics are held high at United Vision, it is always there in our meetings, in our quotes and our dealings. We do believe these two values are the cornerstone of our success and will keep committing to them in every single aspect

Quality is our way to be loved!


commit to quality with all our stakeholders. Our clients always know that they are receiving the highest quality devices a assuring they receive themost value. Our suppliers, are never worry about the support they will need from their distributor and positive that all efforts are done better position them.

We Make a customer, not a sale


We, at United Vision have a goal which is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary. That is why we strive to exceed their expectation in quality, on time delivery and personal communication.


Being completely concerned by uniquely leading the market and caring the most about its clients, United Vision is focusing on increasing the consumer awareness in means of products`usage & obtaining optimum benefits, all through a cooperation with our professional practitioners… And thus, ensuring customer loyalty & optimal satisfaction.

United Vision is also focusing on maintaining & growing its market share and improving its profitability by focusing on product positioning, while operating in parallel on creating & acquisition a new segment of high quality & pricing products.

Our Deep Vision


our philosophy is customer based and points to customers’ satisfaction in every aspect. According to this philosophy, our professional customer service and our relation with our clients and vendors are the most important components of our proposal.

So What?

Let’s Add These Efforts to Your Story

What do we offer ?


Full support

Full support in the process of creating branding strategy relevant to the Egyptian market with all means of help to achieve high growth rates in sales figure.


Creative Process

Help getting a brand positioned through creative and professional marketing.



Maintain the vendors relationship through respect the agreed commitments.



Train and raise the awareness of both of our consumers and representative about the optimum usage of our products for better placement and quality.


Laws and Regulation

Since our company is legally registered in Egypt as importer and complying with all laws and regulation, we promise all legal facilitation your brand will ever need.



Our team work around the clock to build a long term relationships with our clients and venders



In the 1st Year, our brands were available all over Alexandria & Cairo.



Achieved the highest sales percentage .



United Vision managed successfully to increase the market share for all of its products.



In the 2nd year, we expanded to reach almost all governorates .



In five years, we have the power of owning 100% of the high price & quality segment, which represents about 20% of the total market.



Keep an excellent relationship with our suppliers by fully committing to our contract terms.



We were able to direct market our products to over 2000 ophthalmologists and dentists through direct team visits and the participation in specialized conferences.

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